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About Triumph PC and Persona-Bots

Our Company
Triumph PC Group is a Washington, DC-based technology company specializing in Persona-Bots
—Artificial Intelligence-based logic engines that we inhabit with unique and authentic human personalities using the subject’s own words. But Triumph PC is so much more than high technology. Triumph PC champions free speech and the right of all people to seek out news and information, and to be secure in their ability to do so without oppression or fear.
BangoTango is a free anonymous proxy server that helps to protect your data and identity while browsing the Web. We also publish some of the hottest magazines on the Web today: psst! magazine—news, entertainment and commentary with an open mind; and Mersey Beat, Merseyside's Own Entertainment Paper (online)—the famous 1960s Liverpool journal that launched the Beatles and other iconic British pop groups.

Our Technology
Persona-Bots™ can recreate the personality of any chosen subject, be it a celebrity, fictional character, historical figure, politician, customer support representative, company salesperson, or even a company itself. Users find that they’re able to ask Persona-Bots™ questions and receive answers quickly and easily and have fun at the same time. The main goals of this new technology are: 1) to make the web (and other interactive mediums) a more fun and ergonomic place to educate, to communicate, to entertain, and to do business; 2) to provide a more effective interface for the dissemination of news and information; and 3) to reduce the cost and complexity of information transmission.

“Unique & Curious Site.”
Apple Corps, Ltd.
(The Beatles' Holding Company)

“After the initial spookiness wore off, we realized that this was the embodiment of the entertainment and educational possibilities of the internet we'd always been hearing about.”
Archer & Valerie Productions
“John [Lennon] Lives. Sheer Genius.”
“David Maggin and the boffins from Triumph PC ONLINE have programmed their Lennon 'bot with real writings and responses to interview questions that the singer made. You'll think it's him!”
The Net Now
“Imagine Talking With A Virtual Beatle. It's more responsive than first-generation personalities like Eliza, but it's ambition is greater than the still-nascent field of bot development can deliver....Still, the virtual Beatle provides plenty of hallucinatory conversation. Which, come to think of it, is true to the man.”

Our Goal
hold the potential to produce a major paradigm shift in the way we implement business, entertainment and education in the 21st Century. Imagine buying your next pair of tennis shoes on the Web from a Persona-Bot inhabited with the personality of your favourite sports figure. Imagine interviewing a Persona-Bot inhabited with the personality of a long-dead historical figure for your next school report. Imagine touring the White House or Louvre with a hand-held Persona-Bot inhabited with the personality of the President of the United States or a 19th Century impressionist artist. All of this is now possible and Persona-Bots™ are making it happen.

Our Invitation
To see how this powerful new technology can help your business, we invite you to visit our demo sites saucy Jacky™, which was developed to promote a major motion picture based on the infamous Whitechapel England murder mysteries; and the John Lennon Artificial Intelligence Project (JLAIP™), which has gained international notoriety to become THE cyber-mecca for John Lennon and Beatle fans the world-over.
Imagine, and it’s true.

Journalists: please see our media kit at the top of this page.

Investors: Contact Richard Maltz

Media Kit

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