Advertise like you mean it - Triumph PC advertising.

Why Advertise on Triumph PC ONLINE?

Founded in early 1995 as the online support and Internet contact site for Triumph PC Computer & Desktop Publishing Services, Triumph PC ONLINE has grown significantly to become one of the Web's leaders for Style and Technology. We're ranked within the Top 20 (i.e., first 2 pages) in numerous categories on most of the major Internet search engines and indices (e.g.,,,, etc.). The Triumph PC ONLINE demographic represents a widely diverse multi-national audience for Advertisers wishing to reach everyone from the casual first-timer to the corporate power-user (and everyone in between). See our About page and Media Kit for more information on Triumph PC and what we do.

Triumph PC ONLINE's traffic continues to grow exponentially every month (click here for our latest traffic report). Advertising with Triumph PC ONLINE is a cost effective way to expand your business.


Banner Specifications

Banner Dimensions: 468 x 60 pixels
Banner File Size: 15k maximum
Banner Animation: 3 cycles maximum
Reporting: Impression and/or Click Through data Reports are sent to Advertisers via email on a monthly basis.
Ad Expirations: Advertisers will be notified via email when their advert is close to expiration.
Payment: All adverts must be paid in full before campaign begins.
Triumph PC ONLINE reserves the right to refuse any advert it deems unsuitable.


Pricing Schedule

Static Banners (banner appears exclusively in a particular space):
  • 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high - $40.00/CPM
  • 125 pixels wide by 125 pixels high - $30.00/CPM
Rotating Banners (banner appears randomly in a particular space):
  • 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high - $30.00/CPM
  • 125 pixels wide by 125 pixels high - $20.00/CPM
*CPM = Cost per thousand impressions

We want your business!

If we don't list an option that meets your needs,
please contact us and we'll try to work something out.

For more information or a quote please email:

Advertise like you mean it - Triumph PC advertising.

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