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Ready to test your linguistic skills? You're in the right place. Welcome to The Triumph Times' Crossword Puzzle.

There are a few simple rules you have to follow to be successful.

1. Roll your mouse over the columns of words. A clue will appear on the right side of the puzzle. Left-click your mouse to get a cursor so you can type your word.

2. If you are in a space where you can either type a word across or down, you must type the a key to answer the across word or the d key to answer the down word.

3. If you want to check your answer after you have typed in your word, just click check. The incorrect letters will appear in green.

4. You will receive 10 points for each correct letter. However, you will lose 15 points for each letter you cheat on! To continue to a new puzzle, you must have at least 40 points or have correctly answered all the clues.

5. If you get stuck on a word, you can always cheat (but you have to have enough points!).

6. If you can't remember what to do, we've included a handy dandy instructions box. It will always be there to guide you on your way to victory.

7. If you finish a puzzle and still want more, just hit the New Puzzle button. It will keep generating new puzzles until you have exhausted all of our words. Then you can start again. The puzzles are never the same!

8. To enter your name on the High Score list, you must complete all of the puzzles. If you want to quit after a short time, you need to keep hitting the New Puzzle button until all of the puzzles have been exhausted and you will be asked to enter your name. However, it will cost you 40 points each time you hit the new puzzle button if you did not complete a puzzle.

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