Illegal Immigration is like SPAM—you can stop it if you want to.



































Illegal Immigration is like SPAM—you can stop it if you want to.


February 2000 (Updated June 2018)

Illegal Immigration is like SPAM
(you can stop it if you want to)
by Triumph PC Staff

Illegal Immigrants "A lot of these illegal immigrants are using the Social Security numbers of U.S. citizens. There is identity theft. There is tax fraud. There is trafficking. So, there is a criminal aspect to worksite enforcement people don’t understand." —Thomas Homan, acting Director of ICE

A social security number (SSN) is required to gain employment and pay taxes in the US. If a worker is in the US illegally, he/she must have used a stolen or forged SSN to secure that employment unless the employer is paying the [illegal] worker in cash (so there's no official [tax] record of his/her employment). Therefore, every [illegal] worker is breaking (at least) three laws: illegal entry, using stolen/forged ID to gain work, tax evasion (you can't pay taxes when you don't have a legal SSN). Every employer who's employing an illegal is breaking at least one law: employing an illegal based on stolen or forged identification (and tax evasion if paying the illegal in cash and not reporting the employee to the IRS).

The United States existed for ~225 years without a wall (or an illegal alien problem) because the government enforced immigration laws and employers and landlords were actively prosecuted for hiring/housing illegals. In 1986, that active prosecution ended with Reagan's "Immigration Reform and Control Act" and the government began encouraging illegal immigration for cheap labour and to pad the ranks of the Democratic party.

America doesn't need a wall, she needs to enforce existing immigration law: prosecute ALL who house/hire illegals with prison time (and a fine). Once the [facilitating] jobs/housing dry up, most who're here illegally will self-deport without feeding the media's insatiable thirst for stories about tearful splitting-up of families and with little or no [additional] cost to American tax-payers.

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