The Clayton Squares
The Group with the 'Scruffy' Reputation

By Jeff Rigby  

January 2 1965

The Clayton SquaresTo their credit, the Clayton Squares have 17 G.C.E's, five of the six lads are grammar school educated and one is a former London University Sociology student. Apart from all this they are regarded as being the scruffiest, most untidy group ever to set foot on a stage. This then is the Clayton Squares, the group that within a few months has come to be regarded as the scruffiest and the most popular in Liverpool.

Despite their apparent scruffiness on stage the group is a very fussy one. Fussy about the material they play and the way in which they play it. "Before we do any recording we want some really original material," began Mike Evans, who plays the alto sax and also sings.

"That is what we are working on at the moment," he continued.

"Talking about our reputation for being scruffy. This very thing raised a few eyebrows when we went to the Lord Mayor's Tea Party after winning the Cavern's 'Beat Time For Oxfam' competition." Mike went on: "We were once introduced as THE CLAYTON SQUARES in their Savile Row suits because we were playing with other groups in flashy stage outfits.

"Anyway, appearance is not the only thing," added organist Pete Dunn. "I think we've proved that!"

The Square
"You know, they named Clayton Square after us," stated bass guitarist Geoff Jones, the newest member of the Squares, he's been with the group for six months.

"Yeah, an' we're still trying to get the council to put the final 'S' on Square!" added Les Smith (tenor sax).

With this group every booking is different. No matter if the venue is completely new or familiar to them there's always something happening.

One slightly more funny happening took place when they visited Leeds University recently...

"We couldn't find the hall where we were supposed to be playing so we asked this student where the student's union dance was being held," began lead guitarist Terry Hinds.

"He replied: See those three flights of steps, well, go right to the top and turn right. That's it," continued Terry.

"So we did. We drove up the steps in the van. It was like one of those stupid TV commercials."

With that and all six of the lads laughing heartily Geoff's three-legged cardboard covered chair collapsed and so did Geoff.

All the time the lads were trotting in and out of the band-room at the Cavern. Then Mike got up and blew up and down the scale on his sax.

"Shut up, you idiot," shouted all the lads in unison.

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