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The Beatles“So I introduced myself to them, “I’m Robert Lipsyte from the New York Times, a very important person” and these four cute little guys introduced themselves. John Lennon said, “Hi, I’m Ringo,” and Ringo said, “Hi, I’m George Harrison,” and it was all very jolly. But they were very pissed off – where the fuck is he?

Then, suddenly the door burst open and this voice says, “Hey, Beatles, let’s make some money!” At first, the Beatles gasped, and so did I because that first glimpse of Cassius Clay was thrilling. He was so beautiful and perfectly proportioned….

“But it was amazing. Cassius Clay and the Beatles climbed into the ring and, as if they hadn’t just met each other, they went through what seemed like a total choreographed routine. There are wonderful photographs, in which he pretends to hit the first Beatle and they all fall down like dominoes and caper and scamper around the ring.

“Then they go off to their history and he goes off to his. Then, a few minutes later, he called me over and said, “So who were those little faggots?”

The original title for ‘Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey’ was the much simpler ‘Come On, Come In.’

‘Under the Mersey Wall’ on George Harrison’s ‘Electronic Sound’ album was inspired by a column in the Liverpool Echo called ‘Over the Mersey Wall’, which was penned by a columnist also called George Harrison.

Linda McCartney’s family name was originally Epstein, the same as that of the Beatles’ first manager, but her father changed the name to Eastman. Because she was a photographer, journalists mistakenly believed she was an Eastman/Kodak heiress.

‘Helter Skelter’ was inspired by an article about the Who in Melody Maker.

The entire ‘Please Please Me’ album was recorded in a single day during a marathon 585 minute recording session.

There were over 220,000 applications for the 27,000 seats at the Budo Kan Judo Arena when the Beatles appeared in Japan.

At more than seven minutes, ‘Hey Jude’ was the lengthiest record to reach No. 1 in the charts up to that time.

In October 1964 the Beatles were awarded no less than five Ivor Novello Awards for achievements during the previous year.

Only four Beatles singles failed to reach the No. 1 spot in the U.K.: ‘Love Me Do’, ‘Penny Lane’/’Strawberry Fields Forever’, ‘Something’ and ‘Let It Be.’

Following John’s controversial comments about Christ, South Africa (the country which the Beatles had boycotted because of apartheid) banned Beatles records from being played on the radio until 1971.

The New York Times described Ringo as ‘the most popular Beatle.’

Michael Winner is a British film director who, in his autobiography ‘Winner Takes All’, provides some interesting comments about the Beatles initial foray into movies.

“I was in Torquay driving with my local 18 year old girlfriend, when I saw people in sleeping bags outside the Palace Theatre. I said, “Is it the Bolshoi Ballet?” The girl said, “It’s the Beatles.”

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