Jane & Paul: A Love Story

By Bill Harry  

Jane AsherJane was born in London on 5 April 1946.

Her father, Dr. Richard Asher, was a consultant in blood and mental diseases at Central Middlesex Hospital in Acton, London, in addition to being a writer and broadcaster.

Her mother, Margaret Asher, was a Professor of Classical Music at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and had taught George Martin to play the oboe - she was also to teach Paul McCartney to play the recorder.

Jane had a brother, Peter, who was two years older, and a sister Claire, who was two years younger. All three Asher children had the distinctive Titian-red hair.

Jane was educated at Queen's College, Harley Street. At the age of five she made her film debut in 'Mandy' (1952). Her interest in acting began when her parents took their three children to a theatrical agency, thinking it would be fun for them to learn to act.

Her other screen appearances over the years have included 'Third Party Risk' (1953); 'Dance Little Lady', 'Adventure In The Hopfields' (1954); 'The Quatermass Xperiment' (1955); 'Charley Moon', 'the Greengage Summer' (1956); 'The Prince And The Pauper' (1962), 'Girl In The Headlines' (1963); 'The Masque Of The Red Death' (1964); 'Alfie' (1966); 'The Winter's Tale' (1967); 'The Buttercup Chain', 'Deep End' (1970); 'Henry V111 And His Six Wives' (1972); 'Runners' (1983) and 'Success Is The Best Revenge' (1984).

Jane Asher with Richard Wordsworth in 'The Quatermass Xperiment'Her television appearances are numerous and a brief selection includes: 'The Cold Equations' episode of 'Out Of This World' (1962); Nigel Kneale's 'The Stone Tape' (1972); 'Brideshead Revisited' (1981); 'A Voyage Round My Father' (1982); 'The Mistress' (1987); 'Wish Me Luck' (1990) and 'Murder Most Horrid (1991). This is in addition to appearances in various series such as 'The Adventures of Robin Hood', 'The Adventurer', 'The Saint' and 'The Buccaneers', plus prestigious productions including the part of Lisle in 'The Brothers Karamazov' and Maggie Tulliver in 'The Mill on the Floss.'

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