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Military Quality Introduction

Military Quality Institute provides the means for organizations to more effectively and efficiently respond to current and future mission requirements. Military Quality Institute can assist those in leadership positions to more effectively meet new and enhanced mission requirements with fewer resources.

Imminent Demise of Deming in the Navy

I believe that the rejection of Deming theory by the Navy is a great tragedy; but we need to put this in perspective, and learn from it, or we will face nothing but more such tragedies in the future.

Quality Leadership as Maneuver Warfare

Quality, as it is understood in the context of the teachings of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, is in trouble in the U.S. Armed Forces today. It has been endorsed by the executive branch of the federal government, mandated by Congress, and adopted by the Department of Defense and the Departments of the various Armed Services. Yet, in spite of the usually dedicated, competent, and creative efforts undertaken to promulgate it within the armed forces, it is being widely rejected by many of the middle- and lower-level leaders whom it is designed to benefit.

Diplomacy and Military Quality

Interest has recently grown in alternatives to standard venues of warfighting experimentation. Continued interest in diversification; simplification; economies of cost and time; scalability/repeatability; focus on jointness, interagency participation, and multinational participation at levels above the tactical; and ease and enjoyment of play has recently prompted briefings on COTS (Computer Off The Shelf) wargames as viable and worthwhile experimentation venues.

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