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ClearDot.gif (85 bytes) Antisemitism:
Why It's Back - A Review

. . . . . .
By Arnold Beichman

Editor's Note: Arnold Beichman is a political scientist, writer, and former journalist, and has been a visiting scholar and research fellow at the Hoover Institution since 1982. Dr. Beichman reviews The Return of Anti-Semitism by Gabriel Schoenfeld (Encounter Books, $25.95, 193 pages), which is available online through the Triumph PC Bookshop.

The Return of Anti-Semitism by Gabriel Schoenfeld --click here to orderHad anyone predicted in 1945 that six decades after the Holocaust,  antisemitism would be a metastasizing global phenomenon and that Jews would in the 21st century be facing a jihadian future in democratic countries like France, he would have been regarded as wildly paranoid. 

Had anyone predicted in 1945 that antisemitism would one day become both acceptable journalism in prestigious newspapers, magazines and news channels like the BBC, he would have been looked upon as someone badly in need of the couch that cures. 

Yet physical violence against Jews has become a pan-European phenomenon, says Gabriel Schoenfeld, senior editor of Commentary magazine. And the epicenter of this violence is France, where Muslims, who now comprise nine percent of the population, are expected to make up a quarter of the population by 2025. 

In the face of this antisemitism, we have President Jacques Chirac spluttering: "There is no antisemitism and [there are] no anti-Semites." Perhaps Mr. Chirac ought to read the Le Monde editorial of January 20, "Vulgate anti-semitisme," which supplies a contradictory view. 

Mr. Schoenfeld's searing description of the spread of this sanguinary racist doctrine raises some startling questions. It has been a widely held belief that racism would diminish with the downfall of totalitarianism and the globalization of democracy. In 1946, there were a dozen or so democracies. As of 1995, there were 114 democracies out of 191 states, yet antisemitism is more widespread today, as Mr. Schoenfeld documents, than it was at any time in modern history.

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