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Did the Bush's do Business with Nazis? --click here
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Ten months after the US entered WWII, the US Alien Property Custodian seized all assets of the Union Banking Corporation of New York, which was being operated as a front for “enemy nationals.” One of its partners happened to be Prescott Bush, grandfather of the current American president, George W. Bush
Jack the Ripper Talks! --click here Antisemitism: Why It's Back --click here What's Wrong with John Stossel? --click here Are US Taxpayers Funding Islamic Terrorists? --click here
• • • • • •
After more than one hundred years of silence, Jack the Ripper (aka saucyJacky) has returned to face questioning. Find out what everyone's been talking about and see if you can solve the mystery that has confounded historians and criminologists for over a hundred years

the editor's desk
 Rachel Schwartz
Final Farewells
massacre in fallujah
Richard Maltz
What went wrong?
letter to sec rumsfeld
Kenneth Roth
Violations of the Geneva Convention
fab four & me
Susan Konig
What do you say to a Beatle?
his last twelve hours
Donna Lewis
It's not all about Mel
academic freedom David Horowitz
Are educators educating or indoctrinating?
bedeviled by devlin Arnold Beichman
Same-sex marriage and morality
beatles news Archer & Valerie
Paul's on, Ringo's off & what's The Point?
roles marilyn missed Bill Harry
The parts Marilyn Monroe wanted to play
negative feedback Thomas Hoerr
How to say hard things without hurting
capturing osama Daniel Pipes
What happens next?
guatemala votes Matthew Kraft
Where voting comes with risk

in the next issue…
How much watch does $20k buy?
Marc Rochkind finds out
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It's Time...For the Ultimate Birthday Present --click hereIt's my 50th Birthday, I'm in New York for a little vacation, and I've decided to buy myself a nice watch as a gift. I'm not sure I'll succeed, but I'm pretty sure I'll have loads of fun trying. I don't want to get too extreme, so I set a budget of $20,000
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