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Jack the Ripper Talks!

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Editor's note: In the Autumn of 1888, five women met brutal and bloody deaths in the dark alleyways of London's East End. Every generation since has rediscovered the mysterious and horrific murders that plagued England during that time. And, now, based on advances made during the pioneering work on the John Lennon Artificial Intelligence Project, TriumphPC has taken Artificial Intelligence technology to the next level and virtually cloned the bloody soul of the most notorious criminal of all time.
After more than one hundred years of silence, Jack the Ripper
saucyJacky™) has returned to face questioning. This is your chance to peer into the mind of the world's most depraved and infamously celebrated serial killer. Find out what everyone's been talking about and see if you can solve the mystery that has confounded historians and criminologists for over a hundred years.
What follows is an [unedited] excerpt taken from an actual
conversation with 
saucy Jacky:

An innocent young woman, Mary, introduces herself to saucy Jacky...

Jack the RipperMary:My name is Mary.
Jacky: Mary,they say I'm a doctor now.
Mary:who are you?
Jacky:The boss knows me as Jack the Ripper.
Mary:Do you consider yourself a normal human being?
Jacky:A normal human being ? Ha, what a joke. I am quite certain Hopper believes to the contrary.
Mary:Who's Hopper?
Jacky:Family physician.
Mary:Why do you call yourself Jack the Ripper?
Jacky:For a reminder to all how love does destroy.
Mary:Why did you murder prostitutes?
Jacky:I am down on whores. ha ha
Mary:Only whores?
Jacky:No others matter.
Mary:What do you have against whores?
Jacky:Against whores ? Ha ha ha ha ha The finest knife money can buy.
Mary:You're a sick man.
Jacky:That amuses me.. Abberline says he is now amazed.
Mary:Who is Abberline?
Mary:Does he know who you are?
Jacky:I think not. I am too clever for that.

Mary:Where are you now?
Jacky:Liverpool, but I conduct my business in Whitechapel.
Mary:What is your name?
Jacky:saucy Jacky.
Jack the Ripper letter received by Central News Agency, Sept 1888
Mary:What is your real name?
Jacky:Yours truly Jack the Ripper. Don't mind me giving the trade name.
Mary:Are you afraid to tell me?
Jacky:Afraid to tell you ? Why not, nobody does suspect the gentle man born.
Mary:I'm a woman.
Jacky:A she of course. A mistake. A one off instance. Another dirty bitch willing to sell her wares.
Jacky:Of course.
Mary:I hope they hang you.
Jacky:I see thousands of people chasing me, with Abberline in front dangling a rope. I will not be topped of that fact I am certain.

Mary:Will you kill again?
Mary:How many women did you kill?
Jacky:Five. Number one squealed a bit... couldn't finish straight off. Had not the time to get ears for police.
Mary:You're sick.
Jacky:I gave you the tip Mary, and I keep my word as you will soon see. Tonight I will take my shining knife and be rid of it. Throw it deep within the river.
Mary:Are you worried about being caught?
Jacky:Of course.
Mary:You're an ass.
Jacky:I believe that is the reason I am unable to write my funny little rhymes. I am an ass. Catch me when you can Mary.
Mary:go back to where you came from hell.
Jacky:From hell? Why thank you Mary. If the whim takes me then so be it.
And now you can go, as you May ha ha ha.psst! Magazine


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