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By Donna Lewis

Editor's Note: Donna Lewis is, among other things, a runner, swimmer, active advocate for good causes, frequent eccentric and attorney in Washington DC who would give up everything for a big porch with a view of lakes or mountains. Her rantings and ravings are completely fictional, as is her life.

Donna LewisI'm so glad I was never a fan of Mel Gibson's. To be honest, I don't think I've ever actually seen him in anything.

There was a long time when I thought he was Harrison Ford. People would say that Mel Gibson was sexy and I would agree. But I was really thinking about Harrison Ford. 

Now that I think of it, I guess it was Mel Gibson in Tequila Sunrise. I'm still not sure why that's the movie's name. They mostly drank red wine and some harder liquor. 

But I must say that I struggled with the choice of who I'd sleep with: Mel Gibson or Kurt Russell. Hot good con or hot bad cop: such a conflict.

Ok, I think I'd go with Kurt Russell. In addition to a beautiful smile, Kurt has the quality I love the most. His mouth is shut. 

For a billion years, he's been married to Goldie Hawn - or maybe they're just shacking up - and still he doesn't talk about his personal life. He seems to be pretty successful and still he doesn't talk about his professional life. Apparently, the guy just kind of shows up in life and does his thing and then goes home to hang out.


Mel, on the other hand, is now all about letting us know what he's really believed in all this time. Sure you thought he was a cute, fun-loving guy with an easy-going sense of humor. Did you know he's kind of bent on making you over? And apparently, he's also pretty confident that I'm going to hell. 

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