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ClearDot.gif (85 bytes) Last Twelve Hours (cont.)
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Now, it's not that I have a problem with somebody thinking I'm going to hell. Really. I'm pretty sure I'll end up there at some point anyway. Bit if I'm going to hell, I'd prefer to be going there for the right reasons. 

Damn me to hell because I suck. Or because I cause others' pain. Pack my hell bags for my contrary nature and the fact that I do the opposite sometimes just to be difficult.

• • • • • •
“Am I the only one
who believes that nobody knows what
really happened forty gazillion years ago?”

Damn me to hell for all the times I don't remember to get a gift or send a card.

But hell based on my failure to accept one version of history?

I think not.

I read a quote today about those last twelve hours. Or, shall we say, twelve hours in two hours of celluloid.

The person observed that the "accuracy" of the film was impressive.

I would like to know just how old this observer is. And, if he's as old as it seems he would have to be, is he on Atkins? Now that would be a good advertisement for Atkins! Load up on fats and meat and live to be at least 2000 years old!

So after I read this geezer's convictions of accuracy, I was really curious. How many more really, really old people are out there? I know that the Holocaust is quickly losing its witnesses to old age and death, but apparently Jesus' witnesses are still alive and kicking and talking about the good old days.

So, facing a relatively early death and eternity in hell, I googled "passion" and "accuracy." Without quotes. Without Boolean logic. Without even the benefit of a proximity connector. Nuttin' but passion and accuracy.

Actually, I didn't google; I yahoo-ed. Unfortunately, when Jerry Yang founded Yahoo!, he didn't stop to consider the un-verb-ability of the name. I'm sure, though, that if I refer to Yahoo-ing as googling often enough, he'll get the point and change the name.

Maybe yahoogling.

Okay, so I'm yahoogling "passion" and "accuracy" - and guess what! There are shitloads of folks out there - including credentialed folks - who are either debating or confirming the film's accuracy.


Once again, I gotta ask: is it just me?

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