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Am I the only one who believes that nobody really knows what really truly happened forty million gazillion years ago?

Or is it just that I don't follow the news closely enough?

Either way, I'm not sure who peeves me more: the accuracy confirmers or the accuracy challengers.

Confirming accuracy of something nobody currently alive saw? Relying on texts written by god knows who from god knows when and god knows where?


Even if... I say EVEN IF the texts upon which one relies are written by a credible source, and EVEN IF the time and place the texts are written are both confirmed, aren't we still somewhat clueless?

Last week, my cellmates Tim and Matt taught me some street talk.

Matt taught me word and Tim taught me strange.

Word means "I emphatically agree with that!" Word conveys a personal affirmative. Word means "right on."

As Matt says, Word is like AMEN!

Strange is sex with a girl you don't know.

I clarified that the girl doesn't have to be strange. Whew.

And I clarified that strange isn't the desire to have sex with a girl you don't know. 

No, strange is a noun.

Man, that was some good strange.

I realized that although I say WORD! to strange, I am completely incapable of understanding Tim and Matt when they talk to their peers. And we all live in the same %$*#! era!!

Let's see, Jesus lived in the year zero- give or take 3-4 years - AD, of course.

Hey, are we sure it wasn't ADHD?

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