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ClearDot.gif (85 bytes) Last Twelve Hours (cont.)
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Anyway, 2004 years ago is only 731,460 days. That's only 17,555,040 hours. Only 1,053,302,400 minutes! 

So yeah, maybe it's only a short time ago. But look, we can't even define what a "neighbor" is for purposes of loving them. And we definitely can't define "respect" for purposes of respecting, our parent.

And just what did God (or whoever) mean when he (or she, or it) encouraged us to pluck our eyes out? Are eyebrows included? Can we wax instead? If you wear contacts, should these be removed prior to plucking?

You know what? I don't really want to know the truth - or even the lies - about Jesus' last twelve hours. I hope the guy enjoyed a good meal or two. He was apparently a pretty hard worker. But anything beyond that is just too close to guessing for me to take seriously.

Besides, even if it's all true... and EVEN IF the depictions are accurate... I'll still be fine.

I'll be going to hell where I'll see all the folks I like. 'Cuz I'm going to hell where all the folks I know are. 

And Timothy McVeigh won't be there in hell to bug me.

Luckily Tim-Bob had lots of time, post dirty deed, to accept the lord as his savior. Whew for me.

Personally, I feel a lot better knowing that Timmy Boy will be in heaven. When I'm in hell, I sure don't feel like running into him and having to pretend I don't mind what he did. My luck, Tim would want to have coffee and reminisce about Brave Heart, Mad Max, Lethal Weapon and Road Warrior. And you know, I just never got around to those. 

I was too busy dreaming about Harrison Ford.psst! Magazine

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