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Paul McCartney and Heather MillsPaul McCartney, who lost his first wife to cancer three years ago, is engaged to be married to Heather Mills, an activist for the disabled.

McCartney proposed on 23 July 2001 during a trip to Britain's Lake District, spokesman Geoff Baker said. The two plan to marry some time in 2002.

The 33-year old Mills is a former swimwear model whose left leg was amputated below the knee after she was run down by a police motorcyclist in 1993.

Baker said McCartney bought the sapphire and diamond engagement ring in India a few months earlier.

"Paul and Heather said today they would like to thank their relatives and friends for all the great support they have shown them since they met two years ago," said a statement from McCartney's office.

McCartney, who was knighted in 1997, has three grown children and a stepdaughter from his first marriage.

59-year-old McCartney spoke briefly with journalists outside his home in St. John's Wood. Asked how he proposed to his fiancée, the former Beatle said, "That's private, that's just for me." He then went back inside for a quiet dinner with his future wife.

McCartney met Mills at a charity function when she appealed for help for her own foundation, the Heather Mills trust, which provides limbs for victims of war. McCartney said last year that he was smitten instantly.

"So I found out her telephone number - like you do - and rang her up and said we should talk about some charity stuff," he said. "I did fancy her from the start, but I was playing it cool."

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