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Activity and Traffic Reports

January 2004 & March 2004

 General Statistics

Overall number of visits to Triumph PC/psst! magazine during January and March 2004.
NOTE: Report data is unavailable for February.

Triumph PC/psst! magazine website activity and traffic reports

General Statistics
Hits Entire Site (Successful) 33,736,365
Average per Day 366,699
Home Page 53,077
Page Views Page Views 7,890,621
Average per Day 85,767
Average per Unique Visitor 74
Document Views 2,891,634
Visits Visits 360,626
Average per Day 3,919
Average Visit Length 00:25:04
Median Visit Length 00:00:01
International Visits 40.10%
Visits of Unknown Origin 0.00%
Visits from United States 59.89%
Visits Referred by Search Engines n/a
Visits from Spiders n/a
Visitors Unique Visitors 106,501
Visitors Who Visited Once 87,588
Visitors Who Visited More Than Once 18,913

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