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Volunteers opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers work

Would You Like To Volunteer?

VolunteersTriumph PC and psst! magazine are on the lookout for volunteers  with special talents.  If you have experience in the areas of web programming and design, writing, online publishing, graphics or editing, we'd love to hear from you!  We're always interested in volunteer Feature Writers, Commentators and Editorial Contributors for psst! magazine, one of the hottest new magazines on the Web! Please see the "How to submit articles" section of the psst! About page.


Presently, our staff needs include:


  • *NIX Administrators (Webserver, DNS, security, mail)

  • Entertainment/Music Reviewers

  • Political Satirists

  • Hardware/Software Reviewers


Our  goal and pledge is to make Triumph PC ONLINE the Leader for Style and Technology on the Web. 
Are you interested?

Volunteer Opportunities
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For consideration, please complete -all- fields in the form (incomplete forms may not be received) and click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. If you experience any problems, please email . Volunteer information submitted to Triumph PC ONLINE is considered Confidential. Please see our Privacy Policy link at the bottom of this page for further details.

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